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God is working in Thailand. See how his life in SBC trained him to be a disciple of Christ. – SOTE Nutchanon Songpornprasert (MDivPM ’15)

Sharing the Mission and Work of the School of Counselling.

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School of Theology (English)

Understanding christian foundations, Cultural shifts, developing Character in community and developing ministry skills.

School of Church Music

Training that integrates music studies, church music, worship, Bible, and theology courses — becoming adaptable pastor-musicians and church music educators.

School of Counselling

Shape and equip you to become a compassionate, competent and Christ-centred counsellor, with the knowledge and skills for an effective caregiving ministry.

Advanced Studies

Advanced studies will equip you further to edify the church and face these challenges with practical strategies based on sound biblical theology.

Centre for Servant Leaders

Seeks to nurture the Church through nurturing church leaders at all levels of church leadership.

Events / 近期活动 


CCM Jan-May 2020

The Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) aims to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude that are contextually relevant to churches today.


Church Revitalization

Over the years, Dr Gordon Penfold have noted some common themes among churches that thrive versus those that struggle. Clarity of Mission and Vision lie at the heart…