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Master of Arts in Counselling 列印

The MA in Counselling is a two-year full-time programme for University degree holders or applicants with a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree from an academically recognized institution. The programme can also be undertaken on a part-time (daytime) basis. The job of any applicant has to be flexible to allow the change of working hours if he/she wishes to work and study part-time at the same time.

The MAC is a recognised degree by the Singapore Association for Counsellors (SAC) with effect from 8th February 2010. 

COFC4012 Introduction to Psychology 2  TENT3010 NT Survey 3
 TEBS3010 Bible Study Method 3  TETH3030 Doctrine II 3
 TEOT3010 OT Survey 3  COFC4033 Human Development 3
 COFC4023 Theory & Practice of Counselling 3  COCC4032 Integration of Psychology & Theology 2
 COCC4027 Counselling Issues I 3  COCC4012 Professional Ethics & Ethical Issues 2
 TEPT4010 Introduction to Christian Spirituality 3  COCC4028 Counselling Issues II 3
 COFC4040 APA Referencing and Research Writing AU  COCC4042 Psychopathology 2
       COCP4047 Counselling Practicum M1 1
17 19
 TEIS4130 Engaging World Religions 3  TECH4030 Asian Church History 2
 TETH3020 Doctrine I 3  COCC4118 Marriage & Family Therapy II 3
 COCC4117 Marriage & Family Therapy I 2  COCC4052 Gender & Sexuality: Counselling Perspectives 2
 COCC4103 Child & Adolescent Therapy 3  COCC4092 Psychological Assessment: Tests and Measurements 2
 COCC4072 Group Theory & Practice 2  COCC4062 Social & Multi-cultural Issues in Counselling 2
 COCC4082 On Being A Therapist 2 COCC4122 Spiritual Direction & Mentoring 2
 COCP4048 Counselling Practicum M2 1  COTA40--  Therapeutic Approaches 2
       COCP4049  Counselling Practicum M3  1
16 16
  Total Credits for this Degree                                68


Admission/Academic Requirements

A Bachelor Degree from a recognized University or Bible College/Seminary

English Language Requirements

‘A’ Level: B4 in ‘AO’ level General Paper or
TOEFL: 550 pts (or 213 for computer-based test) or
IELTS: 6.0 (Academic Candidate)

General Requirements

  • At least 24 years old

  • Christian for at least 2 years

  • Lay ministry experience

  • Endorsed by church/organization leadership

Practicum Requirements

In addition to the completion of credits (as listed and required in the curriculum/ programme) with a GPA of 2.5, MAC students are also required to complete 120 client-contact couselling hours, 60 hours of group supervision, 23 hours of individual supervision and 8 hours of personal therapy sessions.


  • Tuition: $128.40 per credit (to be paid each semester)

  • Application Fee: $53.50 (local) and $107 (International)         

  • Orientation Fee: $53.50

  • Clinical Fee (including Personality Tests, Personal Therapy & Supervision) : $4815 (revised Feb 2013)

    * All Fees include 7% GST and are subject to change.

For details of other expenses please refer to Prospective Students.

Application Procedure

The applicant should write to the Registrar for a catalogue/admissions package. The application form, application fee and all supporting documents must arrive at SBC before the application closing date.

Click Here for Application Deadlines.

In addition, applicants must take a Personality Test and have a personal interview with the Dean of SOC.

For enquiries on admissions matters, please contact our Registrar’s Office. If you have further enquiries, you may also contact the Dean’s Office.


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