On the Shoulders of Our Spiritual Giants


SBC 65th Anniversary Celebrations

Singapore Bible College exists to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. In a span of six decades, the College has grown from a handful of students to having 3,000 alumni serving our Lord faithfully in more than 40 countries. By standing on the shoulders of our spiritual giants who have inspired us, SBC’s leadership, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners are committed to provide an impactful theological education for the Church and mission field. Do join us in our celebration of a historical moment at SBC!


9 Jan 2017 ( MON )

9am – 3pm (8.30am 茶叙) | 新加坡神学院地下室礼堂





牧职进深讲座, 诚邀校友参加免费进深讲座。

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13 – 19 FEB 2017 ( MON – SUN )

Psycho-Spiritual Week

The counselling week will highlight the personal story of Martin Luther as an example of how human brokenness can be transformed towards becoming powerfully used by God.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Diana Voun at 6559-1528 or 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .

13 FEB 2017 ( MON )

  • 8.30 – 11am Gender & Sexuality lecture by Mr. Joseph John
  • 2.30 – 6.00pm Marital Family Therapy lecture by Mr. Benny Bong
  • 5.45 – 7.45pm Addictions Therapy lecture by Dr. Val Gonzales

14 FEB 2017 ( TUE )

  • 10.10 – 11am SOC Chapel: The Journey Towards Wholeness by Dr. Val Gonzales
    (Open to SOC alumni & students only)
  • 2.30 – 5.30pm Spiritual Direction & Mentoring lecture by Mr. Chong Ser Choon
  • 6.45 – 9.45pm Human Development lecture by Dr. Linda Bubod

15 FEB 2017 ( WED)

  • 9.00 – 10am Integration of Psychology & Theology I lecture by Dr. Val Gonzales
  • 11.10am – 12.10pm Integration of Psychology & Theology II lecture by Dr. Val Gonzales
  • 2.30 – 5.30pm Theory & Practice lecture by Ms. Esther Tan
  • 4.15 – 6.15pm Professional Ethics & Ethical Issues lecture by Dr. Val Gonzales

16 FEB 2017 ( THU )

  • 7 – 9pm Spiritual Direction/Friendship talk by Dr. Esther Law

17 FEB 2017 ( FRI )

  • 9.00 – 11.30am Social & Multi-Cultural Issues in Counselling by Ms. Donna Lim
  • 3.00 – 5.00pm Psychopathology lecture on Depression by Dr. Ko Soo Meng

No registration is required for the above lectures.

26 MAR 2017 ( SUN )

7.30 – 9pm | Venue: TBC

A Reformation Evensong

Influenced by the Evening Vespers started by Martin Luther in the early 16th century, the Evensong continues to be a regular gathering for evening worship in the Anglican tradition. In anticipation of the 500th year of the Reformation in October 2017, Canticorum (SBC’s community choir) aims to give the contemporary churchgoer a sense of connectedness to the Church of all times, all places, and of all peoples.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Hannah Ang at 6559-1520 or 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .

14 AUG 2017 ( MON )

7.30 – 9pm | SBC Lecture Theatre

“Reformed and Always Reforming”: Appropriating the Reformation Today

by Dr. Violet James

Five hundred years ago, the Reformation brought the Gospel into a dark world of superstitions, folk religion, and fear. Centuries later, the Gospel’s gains are at risk in a generation of nominal Christianity. Come and hear how the Asian church should grow by being “reformed and always reforming.”

For enquiries, please contact Li Kim Hong at 6559-1516 or 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .

10 JUL – 31 AUG 2017 ( MON – FRI )

9am – 5pm | Singapore Bible College 新加坡神学院

Exhibition: On the Shoulders of Our Spiritual Giants


The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which changed the Church and the world forever. Follow the footsteps of Martin Luther and the Reformers as we witness how the Gospel spread worldwide, all the way to Singapore. By standing on the shoulders of our spiritual giants, we will see how God has worked through Singapore Bible College to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Please contact the SBC Business Office at 6559-1555 to register for a visit to the exhibition.



16 – 19 AUG 2017 ( WED – SAT )

Venue in Singapore 于新加坡

SBC Alumni Retreat

Block out these dates now for the SBC Alumni Retreat & SBC’s 65th Anniversary! There will be special events planned by the College, three talks on “Nurturing One’s Inner Life” by a guest speaker, and bonding time in your individual schools. Look out for the invitation and registration details. The closing date for registration is 31 January 2017. See you there!

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Jen Ng at 6559-1561 or 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .


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17 AUG 2017 ( THU )

10.10am – 12pm | SBC Worship Hall 新神崇拜厅

65th Founders’ Day Chapel


We will be taken through time to learn from and imitate our spiritual giants from the biblical period, the Church Fathers, the Reformation, the missionary movement, until today. Upon their shoulders, we will carry on our mission to glorify God.

Lunch will be provided. Open to alumni for registration at 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .


早会后有午餐招待。欢迎校友报名参加,请电邮致 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。

17 AUG 2017 (THU)

7.30 – 9.00pm | Bartley Christian Church 巴特礼基督教会

Still Be Our Vision: A Hymn Festival


Canticorum, SBC’s community choir, will be leading us in an evening of robust singing of hymns and artistic renditions of beloved anthems to celebrate the faithfulness of God through the ages and uphold the founding tenets of our faith.

Free admission. By tickets only. Tickets are available from www.sbc.edu.sg from 19 June 2017.



18 AUG 2017 ( FRI )

7 – 10pm | Mandarin Orchard Hotel 文华大酒店

Thanksgiving Dinner


This dinner celebrates 65 years of God’s faithfulness with SBC supporters, staff and alumni. Apart from the fellowship and feasting, we will share our sharpened vision for tomorrow and renew our passion. While looking back to history, we anticipate training even more faithful servant leaders in the future. (By invitation only)

新神透过这周年晚宴欢庆上帝在65年的信实,以借此感谢支持本院的奉献者、教职人员和校友。 除了在一起聚餐团契外,学院将分享未来的展望及期待。回顾历史,我们期待未来培育更多忠心的仆人领袖。(只限受邀者)

For other SBC seminars and events, please go to www.sbc.edu.sg for details and registration.

欲知学院其他讲座或活动的详情及报名,请游览新加坡神学院网站 www.sbc.edu.sg。