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信仰与理性 Faith & Reason

  • 八月十四日(周一)/ Monday 14 August
  • 10am - 12pm
  • 地下礼堂 / Lecture Theatre

基督徒应当如何看待信仰与理性的关系?我将讨论提倡‘古典护教学’(classical apologetics)的神学家们如何理解信仰与理性之间的关系,并将这观点与其他观点如反智主义(anti-intellectualism)、信仰主义(fideism)、预设派护教(presuppositionalism)、实用主义(pragmatism)和极端后现代主义(radical postmodernism)进行对比。我将从圣经神学、哲学和历史的角度来探讨这些观点,并说明我们应当如何面对当代的挑战。

How should faith and reason relate? I shall discuss how the relationship is understood by theologians who advocate what is known as the classical method of apologetics, and contrast this with other approaches such as anti-intellectualism, fideism, presuppositionalism, pragmatism, and radical postmodernism. I shall examine the issues from biblical, theological, philosophical, and historical perspectives, and explain how we should face contemporary challenges.

骆德恩博士骆德恩博士 (英国伦敦国王学院哲学博士)
香港大学人文学院 • 研究助理教授
Dr. Andrew Loke (Ph.D., King’s College London)
Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University