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The beginning of Ichthus Research Centre

The Ichthus Research Centre began with the dream of a farsighted couple who believed that high level biblical and theological studies should be carried out in Asia. Through their generous gift, made in memory of their late parents Mr. Yao Ye Siu and Mrs. Yao Lee Sau Han, the Centre came into existence. The future of the Centre depends upon the contributions of many others who share their dream. We would like to welcome all those who would like to work together to make this dream become a reality.

The reason for the name Ichthus Research Centre

Throughout church history the Greek word ΙΧΘΥΣ (which means "fish"and can be transliterated as ICHTHUS) has had a special meaning to followers of Jesus Christ. For the early church the "sign of the fish" became an important mark of identification. The letters of the word ΙΧΘΥΣ came to stand for the words Ίησους Χριστος Θεου Υιου Σωτηρ- "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour." The Ichthus Research Centre exists in recognition that Jesus Christ is both God's Son and our Saviour.

The basic direction and policies of the Research Centre

The Ichthus Research Centre for Biblical and Theological Studies exists for a number of reasons:

  1. To conduct contextualised biblical, theological and pastoral/missional research
  2. To promote interaction among specialists in the areas of biblical, theological and pastoral/missional studies
  3. To organise seminars for the discussion of contemporary biblical, theological and pastoral/missional issues
  4. To build up a quality collection of scholarly books and journals on biblical, theological and pastoral/missional studies for use by Ichthus members and the SBC community
  5. To develop a digital library in order to enhance research in biblical, theological and pastoral/missional studies
  6. To encourage local and foreign scholars to write biblical, theological and pastoral/missional papers for presentation and/or publication
  7. To encourage members to publish their research and to enable them to do so as far as it is possible


Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0056
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0058
益道公开讲座 2012
益道论述会 IRCS0058
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0054
Public Lecture at Ichthus 2011-2
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0053
益道论述会 IRCS0055
SBC Thesis Presentation 2011
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0051
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0052
Public Lecture at Ichthus 2011-1
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0048
Public Lecture at Ichthus 2010
SBC Thesis Presentation 2010
益道论述会 IRCS0047
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0046
Public Lecture at Ichthus 2009
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0044
益道论述会 IRCS0043
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0045
SBC Thesis Presentations 2009
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0041
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0042
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Ichthus Symposium 2003
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0005
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0012
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0007
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0004
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0040
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0039
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0038
Ichthus Seminar Series IRCS0035
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