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For more than 55 years, SBC has been equipping and preparing thousands of men and women from over 30 nations for the ministry. Established as a tuition-free institution, the founders believed that everyone should be given equal opportunity to be trained. Since then, students and staff have exercised faith, trusting God to provide for the every need of the College. Changes to government regulations required SBC to impose nominal tuition fees, but this has not changed its faith tradition. Today, tuition fees contribute to only 20% of finances required and the College continues to trust God to provide what is needed.

After prayerful consideration, the College has decided to establish its first ever endowment fund – the E.N. Poulson Endowment Fund – to meet the growing needs of the College, provide scholarships, pay salaries, add library books and more. The fund also honours the School of Theology, English’s (SOTE’s) founding Dean, Rev Dr E.N. Poulson, affectionately known as “Dr P”. He came to SBC in 1953 when the College was still only a vision. He started SOTE in 1958 and served the College 36 years, leaving a profound imprint in the lives of many through his love for God and the teaching of His Word. Today, at age 82, Dr P continues to teach, preach and counsel. His faithfulness to God’s call on his life has left us a lasting legacy.

We invite you to join us to continue the work of preparing men and women for the Gospel ministry and honour this faithful servant of God.

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