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Director of IT Services

Reporting to Principal – Responsible for overall College’s technological resources. It covers wide range of scope including working with all levels of College’s management to make decisions on the broader IT direction, analyse College’s current technology infrastructure and provides technologies that empower people in SBC to accomplish the College’s mission and herald the future of theological education.

Job Summary:

The Director of IT Services bears overall responsibility for SBC’s technological resources. This role covers a broad range of responsibilities, considering the extent to which technology is inextricably linked to work processes in SBC. The Director of IT Services manages SBC’s communication and computing systems, works with all levels of the College’s management to make decisions on the College’s broader IT direction, and supervises the teams which provide technologies that empower people in SBC. In today’s world, the pace of change makes it necessary that the IT Services Department move into a prominent role in enabling SBC to accomplish its mission and herald the future of theological education.


  • Analyse the organisation’s current technology infrastructure and align it with the mission and fundamentals of the College
  • Set the overall direction for technology through strategic planning and evaluation, in conjunction with the Principal and other executive management
  • Oversee the creation, deployment, maintenance, and improvement of all IT systems within the College, including servers, PCs, audio-visual equipment, network and phone hardware, productivity software, and computer peripherals
  • Design, develop, and implement a secure, Web-based “single-sign on” (SSO) system that will integrate the end user’s experience of the College’s numerous IT systems
  • Interface with academic and administrative departments within the College to identity their IT needs, while providing ongoing training to improve end-user productivity
  • Manage the provision of end-user services such as helpdesk, technical support, and training
  • Supervise the creation and maintenance of written documentation, including user manuals, licence agreements, and up-to-date documentation for all current systems
  • Ensure that the company’s IT operations comply with local laws and industry standards, including (but not limited to) safeguarding the security of IT assets, intellectual property, and confidential information
  • Any other duties as assigned by supervisor



  • Degree in IT-related field, with Master in Business Administration or equivalent experience
  • At least 10 years of experience preferred as an industry leader in mapping technology solutions to business outcomes and in managing large-scale organisational change
  • Have a passion for higher education
  • Outstanding technical skills and “people-person” orientation
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, with minimum of speaking proficiency in Mandarin
  • Good leadership and organisational skills
  • Willing to work beyond normal office hours (if necessary) to complete urgent assignments or support IT Operations

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