Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a leadership development programme designed to equip men and women for ministries in churches, mission, parachurch organizations, and the public square. In SBC it is offered in a worshipful, richly diverse, multicultural learning community with at least 20-25 nationalities represented at any one time.

Competencies and capacities in four broad areas of ministry development are emphasized in our curriculum. These include:

  • Knowledge of Biblical, theological historical foundations which connect students to historic Christian faith

  • Understanding of changes in society and how socio-cultural shifts impact life, church, & ministry

  • Development of competencies such as reading & understanding scriptural texts, preaching, counselling, management and other areas of proficiency needed for effective leadership and ministry

  • Understanding of God & self and the promotion of emotional, spiritual, moral and character development

The MDiv at SBC allows exploration of areas of ministry interests by giving students the flexibility of taking concentration courses.

The Biblical Studies concentration focuses on Bible exegesis in preparation for ministries in teaching and research.

The Intercultural Studies concentration focuses on missions studies & skills in preparation for field and home missions leadership.

The Pastoral Ministries concentration focuses on foundational understandings & skills in preparation for pastoral leadership.  

With effect July 2009, SOTE will be offering a bridging programme for students who have Polytechnic or equivalent diplomas but not university degrees an opportunity to make up for the credit deficiencies in a way which prepares them for the graduate level studies in our Master degree programmes. This bridging, preparatory course of studies is offered as a 30 credit hour, full-time programme.

For enquiries on admissions matters, please contact our Registrar’s Office.  If you have further enquiries, you may also contact the Dean’s Office.





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