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Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Industrialization, globalization and modern technology, whilst bringing its manifold advantages, have also caused enormous and adverse impact on the personal and social lives of individuals and families.

Christians and non-Christians alike are confronted each day by the realities of a world torn by sin and pain. Churches, schools and counseling centres are becoming focal points for addressing many of these issues and providing a place of help, hope and healing for hurting people.

Our challenge is to prepare and equip Christians to confront these issues with the compassion of Christ, the clarity and conviction of Scripture, combined with sound psychological knowledge and clinical practice.

The Graduate Diploma in Counselling (GDC) & Master of Arts in Counselling (MAC) programmes are designed to integrate Christian belief and practice with the best of clinical and professional standards in the discipline of psychology. The MA in Counselling is fully recognised by SAC as a programme that prepares individuals to be registered counsellors in Singapore.

At SBC School of Counselling your training will shape and equip you to become a compassionate,
competent and Christ-centred counsellor, with the knowledge and skills for an effective care-giving


It is distinctively Christian and value-driven. Though exposed to the many theories and techniques of counselling, courses taught will emphasize the application of these within strong biblical and theological principles (frameworks).

It is holistic and integrated. Every problem seen and solution sought will be examined from a somato- psycho-spiritual angle (body-soul-spirit perspective). We learn to care for all areas of a person’s life.

It is clinically credible. Students need to fulfill 120(MAC)/50(GDC) hours of direct client-contact counselling plus 83(MAC)/29(GDC) hours of supervision. These more than meet the clinical standards of the local counselling professional body.

It provides good value. The courses will provide you not only with substantial content (balance of biblical and psychological, theoretical and clinical) but also at a reasonable cost.

It is multi-cultural and context-relevant. We resolve to apply relevantly the sound psychological and scriptural principles to people of diverse cultures in our changing world.

It is taught by lecturers who are caring and competent. Besides our full-time lecturers who hold Masters and Doctoral degrees, we have many adjunct and guest lecturers who are eminently qualified both in terms of degrees and clinical experience.

It is personally therapeutic and “environmentally friendly!” It would be difficult to graduate from the course without any deep and significant changes in your life. What more, learning will be fun and friendly!


Master of Arts in Counselling
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
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